Little Patch of Heaven Paints Course Fees & Curriculum

The Language of the Horse 101A
This course must be completed successfully
              to be a Certified Junior or Senior Wrangler
(Anyone volunteering to work with horses and children)
 Once you have successfully completed the LOH101 A & B
         you are ALWAYS WELCOME BACK
 for the Field Trips, Scheduled Outings, as well as,
 Ride Time and Exposure
 during scheduled times for your age groups.
Usually this is an eight week course, (2 hour sessions - once or twice a week)
or (1 hour sessions -  once or twice a week)
              Or now available all at once in a couple of weekends camping
                                       Course Curriculum
I. General Horse Information
A. Horse Sense
  1.    Horse behavior
  2.    Reading horses ears
  3.    Horses body language
B. Rules and Reason
  1.    Emergency procedures
  2.    General rules

II. Horse Care and Handling
A.        Approach your horse
B.        Tie your horse (Emergency knot)
C.        Halter your horse
D.        Lead your horse
E.        Turn your horse
F.        Grooming
1.    Grooming equipment
G.        Insect and fly protection
H.        Feed and watering rules

III. ID. Parts of the Horse and Tack
A.   Parts of the horse
B.   Parts and care of the tack
1.   Western Tack
2.    Other equipment

IV. Horsemanship (riding the horse and handling skills)
A.   Mounting and Dismounting
B.   Basic seat, stirrup and hand position
C.   Basic balance aids
D.   Horse control at a walk, trot and canter
1.    Start, stop, check and release
2.   Turns
3.   Basic Figures
4.   Basic exercises
E.   Trail riding

V. Testing and Evaluation
A.   Requirements
B.   Written Test
C.   Ring test and score sheet
D.   Certificate of completion

Spring Session Special 2013 Lesson Fee Schedule

All lesson fees are applied to Little Patch of Heaven Paints General Operations,
of the organization, facilities, and animals feed, maintenance and upkeep.

All participants (Volunteers, Employees Clients)
are required to take this course
Clients will have course catered to their specific abilities.

“The Language of the Horse 101A”

The following fees are for Physically & Mentally capable Participants, Clients, and Volunteers.

This includes and requires dedication of a 2-hour time slot, once or twice a week, for 8 sessions to start. If
completion and graduation, of this course, is not completed in this time frame, you will be required to pay for continued
training, until which time you can complete written, riding & oral exams, for course certificates of completion &
graduation. This is necessary for the safety of all animals & participants involved. Once you have completed the
appropriate training you become, what we call a "Junior or Senior Wrangler", and are able to participate in the daily,
weekly, monthly, and annual scheduled events that happen with Little Patch of Heaven.
As a volunteer, when your schedule permits.

Graduation of classes in this time frame may vary depending on each individual’s capabilities.

2 Hour Lesson @ $60.00 ea. x 8 sessions = $480.00
  If Paid in Full In ADVANCE, $80.00 DISCOUNT!
2 Hour Lesson @ $50.00 ea. x 8 sessions = $400.00

The following fees are ONLY for the Mentally & Physically challenged clients, unable to Saddle & Bridle their
own horses, as well as other activities involved in this training regiment.

These clients will require Full Time Horse Leaders & Side Walkers.

1 Hour Lesson @ $50.00 ea. x 8 sessions =$400.00
   If Paid in Full, In ADVANCE, $80.00 DISCOUNT!
1 Hour Lesson @ $40.00 ea. x 8 sessions = $320.00

"The Language of the Horse 101B"

Any participant wanting to work with students, vet medicine and/or training of animals.
This also includes Specific Curriculum for Specialized Training Such As EXamples: Vet Tech Intenships,
Contesting Poles & Barrels, Showing Halter & Western Pleasure or Trail Riding.

The following course is ONLY for the Mentally & Physically capable clients, able to Saddle & Bridle their own
horses, as well as other Completed LOH 101A

2 Hour Lesson @ $60.00 ea. x 8 sessions = $480.00
                 If Paid in Full In ADVANCE, $80.00 DISCOUNT!
2 Hour Lesson @ $50.00 ea. x 8 sessions = $400.00

(We are willing to negotiate trades for Volunteer Time Served In Advance for this course.)

Wrangler Club Membership Available after completion of LOH101A
(Volunteer Leaders, Side walkers, and Animal Care Givers.)
Initial Language Of the Horse 101A training fee, plus $25.00 annually, includes manuals,
name tags, newsletters, t-shirts, invitation to all activities.

Annual Field Trip- 2 week camping trips to Brown County Horseman's Camp $400.00.

Weekend and/or Day Ride, Field Trips- to various locations $50.00
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